Tips for a hassle-free journey

  • Your travel ticket/card: Make sure you have your validated travel ticket/card with you and keep it until you get off.In the event of fraud, you are liable to pay a fine, the amount of which varies depending on the incident.
  • Noisy passengers: Please respect the other passengers.Turn down the volume on your electronic devices to ensure it remains quiet for those around you.
  • Behaviour: Be aware of vulnerable individuals on public transport (theelderly, disabled, pregnant women, etc.) and allow them to sit down.

Bus Manual

  • While waiting for your bus, make sure you have your card or ticket to hand, or get your change ready if you need to buy a single or day ticket from the driver.
  • The correct route number and terminus is on the front of the bus: indicate to the driver that you wish to get on. Climb on board via the door at the front of the bus.
  • Validate your ticket or card when you get on board, even on a connecting journey. Move towards the back of the bus to ensure the aisle remains clear.As your stop approaches, press one of the "stop" buttons.
  • At your stop, get off only through the doors located in the middle or to the rear of the bus. A button in front of these doors allows you to open them. A safety system prevents the doors from closing while you are there.

Tram manual

You can get on board the tram via any carriage door. Press the doors open button.The tram will stop at all stops.

If you do not have a ticket, they are available to buy at the ticket machines at the tram stops.You must validate your ticket/card once on board the tram, even if it is a connecting journey.

On board the tram:During your journey, the information screens and audible announcements will tell you the name of the stop and the journey time, etc.

When you arrive at your stop, press the button to open the doors automatically.

Cable Car Manual

Cable Car Manual : Travel tickets are for sale at the ticket machines that can be found on the platforms at the two cable car stops.Tickets should be validated on the platform before you get on the cable car.

Regulation of use


Live Traffic Information

The majority of tram trains, buses and cable cars are fitted withpassenger information screens giving you the travel time, name of the next stop and connections, etc.

At tram, cable car and some bus stops, screens provide information on waiting times and the vehicle’s direction.

Audible information is provided on board tram trains and cable cars, giving you the name of the next stop.