Ensure your Bibus journey is a relaxing one

Tips for a hassle-free journey

Make sure you have a travel ticket and check it is valid.Validation obligatoire

Validate it on one of the machines (on the bus or tram or at the cable car stops), even if it is a connecting journey!

Keep it safe until you get off.

Travelling without a ticket, or with an invalid ticket, is an offence and you are liable to pay a fine :







Termination of transport ticket validation (KorriGo card)

Only for monthly Bibus subscribers (Packages, Form B ')

Excludes Liberty Formulas and Penn Ar Bed Cards

Forgotten ticket validation during a match


6,00 €*

Title used outside authorized periods

Rated tariff without proof

Exceeding time

Ticket not validated


34.50 €*

Absence of a ticket title expired or backdated or already used (eg double cancellation)

Falsified, torn or illegible title Title unrelated to the service

 Title reserved for the use of a third party Deterioration of equipment (eg, feet on the seats)

Violation of the smoking ban Travel with an animal (except guide dog blind)

51.50 €*

Scandal in a public transport vehicle

Trouble of the tranquility of travelers

Declaration of false identity


178,00 €*






















Good to know !

When travelling, if you fail to comply by not purchasing the appropriate ticket, the inspector is able to enforce the following legislation:(Law dated 15.07.1845, as amended, pertaining to the rules governing railway transport - Law dated 30.12.1985 - Decree dated 18.03.1986 - Order dated 01.10.1986)

* In the event of not paying immediately on the bus or within 48 working hours, the fine increases to €38.


*Rates as at 1 February 2015 and may change during the course of the year.