Airport shuttle

Route 40 connects with tram route A at Porte de Guipavas.

It provides access to Brest Bretagne airport and the business areas of Prat Pip and Saint Thudon in about 10 minutes.

Airport shuttle times

Outside tram hours, the shuttle departs from the SNCF station.

The shuttle provides 34 daily departures each weekday: the timetable is based on the main departure and arrival times of the aircraft.

Consult here the timetable of the shuttle for winter 2018/2019.

Ticket prices

A one-hour ticket costs €1.60* and is valid over the entire tram + bus + cable car network. A day ticket costs €4.00* and both can be bought from the driver.

*Prices from 1st July 2018

Unit and day tickets are on sale directly from the shuttle driver.

Good to know !

For operational reasons, shuttle departure times are fixed and cannot be changed, this includes occasions when flights arrive late.Flight times are subject to change without notice.