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Find out about our diverse range of careers 

4 main departments :

  • The operations department employs 75% of total employees and is the company’s main department. This department involves the professions directly linked to the Bibus network, such as driving and traffic regulation.

  •  The marketing and sales department employs the specialists in designing the network (stops, routes, journey time, etc.), communication and daily monitoring, and sales (Bibus shop, customer service advisors, demand responsive transport services, etc.) 

  • There are around 30 professions in the maintenance department, spread across the bus maintenance workshop in Kergonan and the tram maintenance workshop in Porte de Plouzané.

  •  In the human resources and management departments are the cross-disciplinary professions in charge of all the company’s administration and accounting services.

All departments work closely together, to offer a quality service to the Bibus network customers.


The profession of bus/tram driver

Conductrice de bus Bibus

The profession of bus and tram driver spans several fields :

  • Technical : the driver drives the vehicle and ensures the safety and comfort of passengers in various traffic conditions, and they make sure the imposed route and highway code are respected at all times. The driver is in charge of the vehicle and must ensure its conformity.

  • Sales : the driver informs passengers of routes, prices, journey times. They also sell transport tickets, manage the cash register and ticket stock.

  • Human : the driver welcomes and advises passengers to give them the best quality service. They are responsible for the safety of the people they transport.

Tram drivers are expected to alternate between the bus and tram, with 50% of their time for each one. To work as a driver, you need a ‘D’ licence to be able to transport passengers and special road driving training (FIMO/FCO in France), or another professional equivalent qualification (e.g. CTRIV in France).

“I love working with the general public when driving a bus, and the tram is a very interesting experience for a driver.” Christine, bus and tram driver (read about her in more detail here).


Careers in maintenance

Ouvrier Bibus

Labourers, technicians, team leaders, heads of maintenance all do their part in ensuring the optimisation of the network. To ensure continual improvement of the quality of our vehicles and our infrastructures, these roles:

  • Guarantee an optimal level of availability, reliability and safety of equipment ;

  • Roll out processes with curative and preventative maintenance ; 

  • Support projects ; 

  • Ensure our customers can expect reliable, comfortable and safe journeys.

Maintenance covers a diverse range of activities. Tram maintenance involves 3 fields :

  • Rolling stock : tram cars ; 

  • Powerful currents : tram platform, tracks, signals, overhead contact line and electric substations ; 

  • Low-voltage installations : station facilities, rail signalling, ticketing technology, passenger information display system and centralised technical management system.

“The cable car is a fantastic project based on new technology. What I enjoy the most is the variety of duties within my role: electricity, hydraulics, etc. We do a bit of everything.” Christophe, maintenance technician for the cable car (read about him in more detail here).


Careers in traffic control

Régulatrice trafic Bibus

A regulator is responsible for regulating traffic on a daily basis. This role requires extreme rigour, reactivity and good stress management. There are several complementary roles involved :

  • Manage the Centralised Control Room (PCC) ; 

  • Monitor the bus, tram and cable car network using the passenger information display systems (SAEIV) ; 

  • Work on-site (technical interventions, personal injuries and accidents involving equipment) and in partnership with public services (Police, Fire Brigade, Brest Métropole) ; 

  • Assign drivers to their positions on a daily basis ; 

  • Keep up-to-date with skills in bus, tram and cable car driving.

To work as a regulator in this field, you need a "D" licence to be able to transport passengers and special road driving training (FIMO/FCO in France).

“The goal is to help traffic run as smoothly as possible, so as to keep passengers satisfied. The top priority is to be reactive: we have to find solutions very quickly. I love this job because every day is different to the last.”  Valérie, regulator (read about her in more detail here).


Careers in customer services 

Agent commercial Bibus

There are two types of positions in sales :

  • The sales representative welcomes and advises customers in the Bibus shop on tickets, prices, passes, timetables, routes, etc. They are on-hand to provide information suited to the request, to best satisfy customer transport needs. This role requires good people skills and communication skills. For the sales representative, the quality of service is their top priority. They take into account the needs of each customer and assist them in finding the best transport solution to suit these needs. 
  • The customer services representative answers any questions or requests from customers either in writing or over the phone. They are reactive and always fully aware of the traffic situation in real time, to be able to provide customers with information related to current traffic information, demand responsive transport services and claims. They are familiar with IT tools and social networks, and act as the contact person between the customers and the various departments of the company. They are organised and methodical, capable of defining priorities depending on the set goals. As the main spokesperson for the company vis-à-vis the customers, the customer services representative is responsible for ensuring quality and timeframe commitments are respected. They are proactive and motivated, work on improving customer services in a constructive and positive way, building customer loyalty. They are customer-oriented and have good communication skills, as well as being serious and professional. This is what makes a good customer services representative. 

“I particularly enjoy the fact that we can use new technology in this profession. We also need to be able to deal with emergency situations, and give customers an answer quickly.”  Alexandre, customer services representative (read about him in more detail here).


Our values, our commitments

Our employees have a role to play in passing on knowledge, in accordance with our values of professionalism, responsibility, solidarity, proximity and entrepreneurship.

  • We show the true meaning of the values of diversity and social mix. Gender equality initiatives

  • Initiatives to assist young people in accessing the job market and employment for seniors

  • Initiatives to assist disabled people in finding work.



Training is provided for each new recruit.

This training period is a chance for new recruits to find out about our company, learn about all our departments, the different people involved, and the day-to-day running of the company, to then start off in their new work environment on the right foot.


Gender equality in the workplace index 

One of the key measures in the French government’s action plan is the publishing of an annual index for gender equality in the workplace by companies with at least 50 employees.

RD Brest, the operator of the Bibus network and subsidiary with more than 250 employees, was awarded a score of 86/100 for 2021 !

This index takes into account five indicators and is calculated out of a total of 100 points :

  • Differences in wages,

  • Differences in the allocation of individual pay rises,

  • Differences in the allocation of promotions, 

  • Percentage of female employees given a pay rise after maternity leave, and

  • Equality among the ten highest salaries in the company.

A score of 86/100 shows our commitment to gender equality.

At each stage of a career with us - selection, recruitment, training, salary, mobility - we are committed to promoting equality, diversity and respect within our teams, across all our branches in both France and abroad.

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