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Table of fines

How does it work ?

For trouble-free travel on your Bibus transport network, validation is mandatory.

To be in order : 

  • Make sur you have a ticket,

  • Chek is validity,  

  • Validate your ticket at the validators (bus, tram or cable car stations), even when transferring !

  • Keep it until you get off.

Travelling without a ticket or with an invalid ticket makes you an offender and exposes you to a fine.


Table of fines 


Amount of the fine : €5

  • Forgot to validate your ticket (KorriGo card with monthly or annual subscription to the bibus network only)

  • Forgetting to validate a ticket when making a connection


Amount of the fine : €35

  • Vaping


Amount of the fine  : €50

  • Ticket used outside of authorised periods

  • Concessions rate without proof of situation

  • Ticket no longer valid

  • Ticket not validated

  • No ticket

  • Expired, backdated or already used ticket

  • Falsified, torn or illegible ticket

  • Ticket not related to the service

  • Ticket reserved for use by a third party

  • Damage to equipment

  • Violation of the smoking ban

  • Travelling with an animal 


Amount of the fine : €100

  • Causing a scandal on-board public transport

  • Disturbing the peace of other travellers

  • Refusal to cooperate

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