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No disruption to the network.

Transport network rules

When travelling on the Bibus transport network, there are certain rules to respect to make sure that everyone has a pleasant experience on-board.

Rules of caution 

Whether you are near the tram, on a bike, on foot, in a car or on-board public transport, there are rules to respect to avoid accidents.

The number one rule is to be careful !

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Considers others when travelling 

Check the user instructions for the bus, tram and cable car.

These instructions detail the code of conduct to respect when travelling on the Bibus transport network.  

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Handicap : réseau accessible

An accessible network 

Around 80% of stops are accessible to all, as well as all our buses, trams and our cable car.

Find out about what is done to ensure your Bibus transport network is accessible to all.

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Safety initiatives 

Several initiatives are in place to make sure your journeys go as smoothly as possible.

For example : security cameras, prevention plans, the ‘stop upon request’ service, etc.

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