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No disruption to the network.

An accessible network

Accessible stations 

80% of stations on the Bibus network are currently accessible for all. The goal is to make 100% of the network’s stations accessible, in accordance with accessibility standards.

 Accessible stations are indicated with a "disabled" logo that can be easily identified at the stops and on the timetables.

  • Tram : almost the entire route for tram A is accessible for people with reduced mobility. 26 of the 28 stations are accessible. There are only 2 stations (Mac Orlan and Menez Paul) that are not accessible because they are on slopes over 6%.

  • The cable car : The cable car and Ateliers and Jean Moulin stations are all accessible. People with reduced mobility, the blind or visually impaired, and the hearing impaired can use line C without needing any assistance.

  • The bus : Since 1 September 2015, all buses are accessible (equipped with retractable ramps). All new buses introduced into the network are equipped with special devices for audio announcements to assist the visually impaired and hearing impaired.


Guide dogs or assistance dogs 

Ordinance n°2014-1090 of 26 September 2014 extended the freedom of access for guide or assistance dogs. From now on, the dogs of disabled people holding the priority card and dogs in training can access all public places and transport services (trams, cable cars and buses).

Accemo service

The Bibus transport network provides the Accemo service for people with reduced mobility, the blind or visually impaired and the hearing impaired. You can sign up for this service by calling to make a reservation on +33 (0)2 98 34 42 46.

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