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Travelling well together

Some recommendations for a peaceful travelling experience

  • Noise disruptions : respect other travellers at all times. Turn down the volume on your electronic devices to let travellers around you travel in peace.

  • Behaviour : on public transport, look out for vulnerable travellers (the elderly, disabled people, pregnant women, etc.) and let them sit down.

  • Transport tickets : make sure you validate your transport ticket when you come on-board and keep it with you until you leave the transport. In the event of fraud, you will be required to pay a fine, the amount of which varies depending on the incident.

See the table of fines


The bus : user guide

  • While you’re waiting for your bus, get your transport ticket ready or your cash if you plan on buying an individual or day ticket directly from the driver.

  • You’ll see the bus number and terminus clearly marked on the front of the bus, signal to the driver to stop. Get on the bus via the front doors.

  • Validate your transport ticket when you get on the bus, even for connecting services. Go towards the back of the bus, to leave space for other passengers. When the bus is approaching your stop, press one of the                              "arrêt demandé" (request stop) buttons.

  • At your stop, only get off via the middle or rear doors of the bus. There is a button in front of these doors to open them. A security system will stop the door from closing again if your presence is detected.


The tram : user guide 

  • You can get on the tram using any of the doors. Press the button to open the door. The tram will stop at every stop.

  • When the tram arrives, make sure you have a transport ticket. If you do not have a ticket, you can purchase one from the ticket machines at the tram stations. You can also purchase your ticket on the Bibus mobile application or directly on the tram from the pink validation devices, using your contactless bank card. You are obliged to validate your tickets every time you board a tram, even for connecting services, whether you have a ticket or a KorriGo pass.

  • On the tram: keep an eye on the information screens and listen out for the audio announcements that will inform you of the name of the next stop, journey times, etc.

  • When the tram arrives at your station, press the button to open the doors.


The cable car : user guide 

Téléphérique de Brest
  • Transport tickets can be purchased at the two cable car stations, at the automatic ticket machines on the platforms and from the pink validation devices using a contactless bank card. You can also purchase your ticket using the Bibus mobile application.

  • You are obliged to validate your transport tickets (KorriGo pass, tickets) : you can do this on the platform.

  • The cable car is accessible for people with reduced mobility (2 wheelchairs maximum per cabin). Bikes can also be taken on-board (1 bike maximum per cabin).

  • The system is automatic : follow the instructions on the information screens and audio announcements.


Live travel information 

  • The trams, buses and cable cars are equipped with information screens for passengers, providing information about travel time, the name of the next stop, connecting services, etc.

  • At the tram, cable car stations and some bus stops, there are screens providing information about waiting times and the travel direction.

  • Inside the tram and on-board the cable car, announcements will be made for each stop.

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