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Contactless payment

Open Payment

How does it work ?

Find out more about contactless payment, the solution that enables you to purchase transport tickets directly using your bank card. An easy and intuitive way to travel !

  1. Go to one of the pink terminals, select the number of travellers on the screen using the "+" button (you can purchase tickets for up to 5 people at a time).

  2. Hold your contactless payment card in front of the reader on the pink terminal.

  3. A beep will indicate that your transport has been paid for and validated ! 

  4. Remember to hold your bank card up to a reader on a pink terminal each time you change transport.

  5. If you are asked to present your ticket, just scan your bank card on the inspector’s device.

What are the advantages ?

 It’s a practical, safe and eco-friendly means of payment, and an innovation that makes life easier.

  1. Practical : no more wasting time in a queue in front of the ticket machine or searching for cash when you board the bus !

  2. Safe : payments are completely safe and you can monitor your purchases on the payment platform.

  3. Eco-friendly : no paper tickets = no waste ! Thanks to this new system, you are respecting the environment.

The tickets available via contactless payment

At tram and bus ticket validation devices : 

  • Individual ticket : for 1 to 5 people

  • Day ticket : for 1 to 5 people


At the cable car ticket validation devices :

  • Cable car return ticket : for 1 to 5 people 

  • Individual ticket : for 1 to 5 people

  • Day ticket : for 1 to 5 people


Pratical information

With this means of payment, you’ll have no tickets to collect, your bank card becomes your transport ticket.

All our means of transport have validation devices that enable contactless payment with a bank card. 4 on each tram, 1 at the front of each bus and 1 at each cable car station.

You can also scan your QR codes for M-Tickets on these validation devices.

You can track all your past payments online.

Check my payment history


Video presentation

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