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On the Bibus mobile application, you can purchase one or more transport ticket, to be used immediately or at a later date.

The Bibus application is available to download onto your smartphone, from the Apple Store or Google Play


How does it work ? 

To purchase tickets via your mobile phone, it’s simple. Just follow these three steps :

1. Log in : you’ll need to create an account on the application before making any purchases.

2. Purchase your tickets : once you’ve created an account, go to the "Purchase" tab. Here, you'll find a list of transport tickets available to purchase.

3. Use your tickets : in the "Use" section, you can access tickets you’ve purchased. Click on the one you’d like to use, validate and then confirm your selection.

4. Please note : confirmation must only be done on-board, because this then triggers a countdown*. You can then display the QR code and scan it on the pink validation devices.

* Countdown of the validity period for the ticket you’ve purchased.

M-ticket mobile Bibus

Wich transport tickets are available ? 

  • Individual ticket for € 1.70

  • 10-unit ticket for € 14.40

  • 1-day ticket for € 4.50

  • 10-unit ticket (concessions ): € 9

  • Cable car return ticket : € 2.20



How can I make a connection ? 

To make a connection, you’ll need to click on the ticket you’re currently using, then choose ‘Make a connection’. The application will ask you to confirm your choice.

Then click ‘Display QR code’, and scan it again on the pink validation device.


How can I see my purchase history ? 

You can check your purchase and validations history by clicking on the three dots on the top right of your screen.

Good to know : you can also purchase tickets on the pink validation devices, using contactless payment.

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