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Bicycle parking

Parking vélos Bibus


Five cycle parking facilities are available on the Bibus network at tramway stations:

  • Porte de Plouzané,

  • Fort Montbarey,

  • Place de Strasbourg,

  • Porte de Guipavas,

  • Porte de Gouesnou.


They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • To open the door, swipe your KorriGo pass on the validation terminal on your right.

  • There are security cameras in place in these parking areas.

  • Bicycle parking is reserved for cyclists with a Bibus subscription.

  • In case of any problems, there is an emergency call button at the Tram station.



You can only access these areas by swiping your KorriGo pass at the validation terminal. You must have one of the following valid passes on your card :

  • Annual pass (‘Fréquence’, ‘Rytmo’, ‘Tango’),

  • Monthly pass (‘Fréquence’, ‘Rytmo’, ‘Tango’, ‘Tempo’),

  • 7-day pass,

  • "Fréquence Pro" annual pass,

  • And also, the ‘Liberté’ pass.

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