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How it works ?

BreizhGo, is the Brittany region's public transport network. This network was launched in September 2018 to replace the existing departmental networks (Ti'Bus, Penn-ar-Bed, Illenoo and TIM). It offers several means of travel: coaches, minibuses, boats and trains.

To make public transport in Brittany even more attractive and meet passengers' expectations, the Breton authorities responsible for transport have developed the multimodal information website On this site, you can plan your public transport journey by calculating your itinerary on more than 25 Breton networks, covering almost the whole of Brittany, and all French stations.

Bibus + TER BreizhGo

The TER BreizhGo season ticket, loaded onto your KorriGo card, gives you up to 75% off the price of a journey on the TER BreizhGo network and 50% off your monthly Bibus season ticket.

To get your KorriGo card, go to one of the SNCF stations or shops in the Brittany region.


Bibus + Coaches BreizhGo

With the intensification of the tramway works in Brest, the BreizhGo network is adapting with a new offer on regular and school routes to and from Brest.

Some stops will no longer be served, requiring connections with the Bibus transport network.

The new connection stops between the BreizhGo lines and the regular Bibus lines are shown below :

  • Line 11 : Fort Montbarey

  • Line 13 : Liberté

  • Line 14 : Giloux and/or Place de Strasbourg

  • Line 15 : Giloux and/or Place de Strasbourg

  • Line 16 : Bouguen

  • Lines 20 - 21 - 23 - 24 : Porte de Gouesnou

  • Lines 27 - 32 - 33 : Place de Strasbourg


Connections with Bibus

A passenger holding a BreizhGo ticket can travel free of charge on the Bibus transport network. To do so, the ticket must be validated when boarding one of our vehicles. You can travel on our network before or after your journey on a BreizhGo coach.

  • Are you travelling with a single ticket?

You must present your BreizhGo ticket in the validator when boarding one of our vehicles. All connecting journeys must be made on the same day as the BreizhGo coach journey. This validation entitles you to 1 hour's travel on the Bibus transport network.

  • Are you travelling with a BreizhGo season ticket?

You must be in possession of a KorriGo card, loaded with the BreizhGo option giving you access to two journeys on the Bibus transport network, to be used according to the package you have subscribed to. If you do not yet have a KorriGo card, go to the Bibus shop at 33, avenue Clemenceau, with your BreizhGo subscription contract.

  • Are you travelling with a BreizhGo M-Ticket?

Validation is done directly on the phone, so you don't have to validate again in Bibus vehicles. This ticket is valid for 2 hours, from the time you validate it when boarding a BreizhGo or Bibus vehicle.

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