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What is it ?


The Cabane à Pouce is a hitch-hiking system organised around Plougastel.

  • It is a practical and completely free carsharing service for short journeys.

  • This is a solidarity-based network between local residents (from the age of 15).

  • This is a safe means of transport because all users are subscribed to the service.

You don’t have a car and you have issues getting around? Or maybe you have a car and you’d like to help others get around?

I would like to register as a driver    I would like to register as a passenger


Each participant signs up to the service on the website or directly at the Astérie de Plougastel community centre.

This subscription is compulsory, using a special form (see below).

Participants will receive a kit with a user number, as well as:

  • A ‘Cabane à Pouce’ sticker to put on your windscreen for car owners,

  • An armband and member card for hitch-hikers.


Hitch-hiking across the network

  • Hitch-hikers will need to wait at one of the identified stops.

  • Drivers are not obliged to stop, and do not have to make any detours for passengers. Thanks to the Facebook page, you can organise your journeys with other members.


The advantages

For passengers, the service is:

  • Free-of-charge : a smile, conversation, nothing more.

  • Safe : both parties must be subscribed to the service, to avoid any problems.

  • Simple : no need for internet or a telephone.

For the driver, their participation is:

  • Useful : they are helping out people who find it difficult to get around.

  • Friendly : the service is a great way to meet other locals, to make new friends.

  • Eco-friendly : less cars on the roads = less CO2 emissions.

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